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December 20, 2022

J’Aime MH, of Toronto Canada, has recently launched a not-for profit initiative to promote the health benefits associated with the consumption of nature’s superfood, the cranberry.

Cranberries, originally consumed and introduced by North America’s indigenous, have always been linked with having lower risks for urinary tract infections, prevention of chronic inflammation, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure.

High in antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory compounds, the daily consumption of cranberries is highly recommended by health care professionals.

Through their newly designed and launched website at, along with their social media channels on Facebook (@thecranberrymovement), Instagram and YouTube, their goal is to educate the health-conscious consumer on the benefits of cranberries, promote their use with creative recipes, and act as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and recipes.

The creative team of medical scientist and subject matter experts of J’Aime MH believe that “…every bit of scientific and medical evidence that is newly published about the health benefits of cranberries never fails to amaze… cranberries are natural, healthy and, provide benefits after only 30 days of regular consumption… oh and it doesn’t hurt that consuming cranberries in any form also supports local growers and processors, it’s a win-win!”

This evidence has sparked the team’s passion about the cranberry, and in turn their commitment and investment to “spread the word”.

Visit our site, and follow/like our channels, but most of all, eat half a cup of cranberries a day, you too will ¬feel the benefits.

About J’aime MH: J’Aime MH, or Love My Health is an advocacy group that promotes health through functional foods and nutrition. Their first initiative is promoting the consumption of healthy cranberries through education, information sharing and communication.


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