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Nature's Medicine - Benefits in urinary tract health,  antimicrobial function, cardiovascular health, Type 2 diabetes, and anti-cancer properties

Half a cup of cranberries contains only 25 calories – twenty five calories that pack a functional punch. The nutrients in cranberries have been linked to a lower risk of urinary tract infections, prevention of chronic inflammation, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure. They are high in antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Daily consumption of cranberries is recommended by health care professionals, after all, cranberries were used as traditional herbal medicines by North America’s Indigenous People.

Several studies also describe how dried cranberries show an improved glucose response and inflammation control after consuming a high fat/high sugar meal. The polyphenols found in cranberries have been associated with diabetic risk reduction, which in turn can reduce associated complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and vision loss.

Our friends at the Cranberry Institute have compiled an exhaustive library of peer-reviewed and other scientific research on the health-effects of cranberries. Click here to search the library.

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